Twix – Halloween

Celebrating Halloween Across Cultures


Halloween is one of the most American holidays. TWIX was looking to connect with their young Latinx audience during this candy-centered time of year. How do we show that TWIX as a brand acknowledges that Latinx youth have passionately embraced Halloween, but also put their own cultural imprint on it?


Our Strategic Intelligence team discovered that Latinx love Halloween in their own way and that the younger generations especially want to be part of this very American experience.

Latin culture has a love of all things spiritual and magical. Rather than portraying culture through cliched “Latino” costumes, we opted to show Latinx youth embracing Halloween American tropes while adding a light-hearted ‘superstitious’ twist. We also wanted to portray our audience, Millennials and Gen Z, in an authentic context — not trick-or-treating, but rather at parties with friends partaking in spooky Halloween fun.

Two ideas came to life. When faced with the tough decision of choosing between Left and Right TWIX, who better to ask than the spirits beyond? What if Left Twix’s Halloween costume was absolutely horrifying? What if it came disguised as Right Twix?

We created two stories, ‘Twixguise’ and ‘Spirits’, which ran on GM/HM online video and social, and Spanish language television. Produced in both Spanish and English, the spots ran on both GM and HM media given the relevance of the season for both audiences. This was a strategic decision given the fact that the General Market is inundated by multicultural influences. In addition, we recognize that the majority of Latinx are bilingual and language preferences change pending content consumption in the digital landscape.


Both ‘Twixguise’ and ‘Spirits’ exceeded industry standards in emotional engagement with metrics at the top of the database. Additional data suggests that both spots kept viewers on the edge of their seats with engaged attention rankings of 16%, far above the 10% benchmark. Given these metrics, the TWIX brand team will add these to the General Market Broadcast TV rotation. We continue to refine our creative process with the MARS team to create authentic content that speaks to the ambicultural lifestyle of their Latinx Millennial and Gen-Z audience.


Engaged attention ranking exceeded benchmarks