Our team is focused on nurturing a culture where ideas thrive and our client partners succeed.

  • Shelley

    Shelley Hall

    Agency Growth

    Shelley is energy personified. In over a decade of working in agencies, she’s shown a tireless commitment to finding creative solutions for clients. Shelley oversees all new business activities for the agency, from capabilities to business development and agency expansion. She can lift two times her bodyweight on a barbell, and is an avid foodie as much as she is a fitness fanatic.

  • Leslie Wood

    Leslie Wood

    Strategic Intelligence

    People-watching (and learning) was always what Leslie has done best. Growing up in south Louisiana, there was a colorful cast of characters to observe. Understanding a true melting pot of cultures lured her in and would later shape her future. After a masters in social psychology and 20+ years in consumer insights, Leslie still has an insatiable appetite for soaking in the rich tapestry of people that make up our world. And her insatiable appetite doesn’t stop there – she is an avid Saturday morning Food Network fan, a lover of Cajun cuisine and all things oysters.

  • Serge

    Serge Flores


    A cultural mutt, Serge has worked in three continents and two hemispheres. His accent is as confounding as his 23andMe ancestry results. Serge leads our creative team, diving into the work to push for ideas that speak to people and impact the bottom line. Much to his daughters’ amusement, his middle name is Ariel. He doesn’t believe in mermaids.

  • Leo

    Leo Olper

    Agency Management

    The eternal optimist, Leo believes every cloud actually has a silver lining. His more than 25 years of advertising experience help him oversee the Account Leadership and Strategic Disciplines, but he’s always willing to roll up his sleeves on projects big and small. Leo has a twin sister and grew up an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, in good and bad times alike.

  • Guido

    Luis Guido


    Luis is a where-the-rubber-meets-the-road realist. He’s been leading the shopper and experiential discipline for the last ten years. He brings 15+ years of results-driven practices — integrating non-traditional marketing approaches, digital & media cross relations, and retail programs. Luis once bought and named a star after his first dog, Pete.

  • Scott

    Scott Radigk

    Finance & Production

    Scott is one of the few people that can wear multiple hats well. He oversees finance, content production, and project management operations. In his 30+ years in advertising, he’s worked on clients of all sizes. If you’re ever in trouble, make Scott your first call. He worked as a volunteer paramedic and firefighter for 15 years, has received 15 save letters, and once delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance.

  • Jamie

    Jaime González-Mir

    Account Leadership

    Jaime’s uncanny memory, ability to connect random dots, and fondness for double espressos fuel his drive to generate impactful ideas and business results. With a well-rounded background in content creation and marketing spanning 30 years, JGM leads some of the agency’s most dynamic and successful accounts. Unlike his esteemed colleague, Serge, Jaime does believe in mermaids, well, in so far as his belief that everything is possible – whether our delightfully human minds are yet able to fully comprehend.

  • Alejandro

    Alejandro Ruelas


    After dreaming of careers as a bullfighter, surgeon, boxer, priest, and pro soccer player, Alejandro settled on marketing and advertising. On the client-side, he drove market share dominance for Anheuser-Busch brands — including helping secure partnerships with the FIFA World Cup, the U.S. and Mexican National Soccer Teams, and boxer Oscar De La Hoya. As a founder and CEO of THIRD EAR, he guides the agency’s vision while creating the right conditions for the team to do great work.

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