Understanding humans is our
constant pursuit

THIRD EAR is a full-service advertising agency that believes in the power of identities. Insight-driven creative solutions begin and end with understanding people. That’s why we go beyond demographics and focus on shared mindsets.

Focusing on what brings people together — passion points, identity, values — rather than what sets them apart enables us to find powerful insights that motivate action.

  1. Listen First.

    Subscribing to the notion that a problem well-stated is a problem half-solved, has led us to always define the challenge or opportunity before setting off to look for solutions.

  2. Listen Beyond.

    What can culture, trends, data, and the marketplace tell us? When we listen between the lines, it leads us to unique consumer insights that fuel and inspire our creative work.

  3. Speak Human.

    We apply creativity to find solutions that speak to the humanity in people, so we can create impact for the brands we work on.

We Love Great Company