Bravo – Mexican Dynasties

Promoting Reality TV at the Speed of Pop Culture


In early 2019, Bravo launched a new Reality TV Series named Mexican Dynasties, a humorous docu-series centering around the lives and friendships of three of the wealthiest families in Mexico City. The series was shot mainly in Mexico and partly in Spanish — a first for Bravo.

Mexican Dynasties is the network’s first true cross-cultural general market programming, and the first series with paid media support focused on the growing bilingual Hispanic market. Our social campaign needed to break through the clutter and differentiate Mexican Dynasties from being perceived as just another ensemble docu-series. In a space where interactivity is key, and attention spans are less than six seconds, how could we capture the charm of a 12-episode series in less than ten seconds?


The paid social media strategy worked to peak interest in Mexican Dynasties with a phased approach designed to refine targeting and content to best align with our audience’s interest and intent signals.

With a heavy up in media spend 72 hours prior to the premiere and continuing on four weeks post-premiere, the team optimized audience targeting, ad units, and creativity throughout the paid campaign on a daily basis. From pre-premiere content to the continuity flighting, we adjusted creative and media targeting to drive engagement and awareness across all key audiences in social.

For both paid and organic channels, our tone was unapologetically dramatic, glamorous, bombastic, petty, and of course, Mexican. Our team managed the organic pages and handles for Mexican Dynasties on Facebook and Instagram, and also live-tweeted from the Bravo account during each episode premiere.

From a production standpoint, the team had to move at the speed of reality television. We often had less than 48 hours to turn around creative for paid and organic posts from receiving final episode footage. Account Leadership and Media worked closely with our client alongside a small, nimble creative team to ensure creative was relevant, fresh, and most of all, thumb-stopping. To achieve this, THIRD EAR brought in an editor who set up an in-house studio to augment our Maker’s Studio, allowing us to deliver high-quality content at an ultra-fast pace.


Our Mexican Dynasties’ social content and engagement strategy helped Bravo successfully expand their reach. The campaign drew a new audience to Bravo — Hispanic female viewership averaging between 24-33% across episodes, compared to the Bravo Q1 2019 average Hispanic Composition of 13-14%. The campaign not only yielded 1.76 million organic impressions but exceeded Bravo’s average engagement rate for other docu-series freshman shows by 7x, with an average engagement rate of 8.2% on Instagram and 11.84% on Facebook.


Organic social impressions


Engagement rates 7x higher than other new docu-series