Twix – Ambidextrous Coffee

Ambidextrous Coffee

Project Overview

Twix wanted to push a new behavior within the coffee-loving Latinx cohort — combining coffee and Twix.
Which Twix gets dunked in the coffee became the question.

In one story, a Left Twix loyalist wanting to combine Twix deliciousness with the flavor of coffee stumbles upon his nemesis: a right-handed coffee cup.

In the second story, a job-seeker gets put to the test. How will he take his coffee? With a right or left Twix?

Twix - Coffee

“Our best work often doesn’t originate from just one agency partner, collaboration has always proved to show the best results. THIRD EAR personifies what we look for when it comes to a partner. We can always count on their partnership to further our brief to the next great idea.”

Joe Pellingra
Senior Associate Brand Manager, Twix