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Storytelling Through Digital Literacy


Grow with Google committed to help Spanish speakers in the US prepare for jobs and grow their business through the tools, training and resources in Spanish. Even though Google is one of the top brands ranked globally, they faced low awareness of their Grow With Google digital literacy tools, and even less about the fact those tools were available in Spanish.


We focused on increasing awareness of the potential life-changing impact Grow With Google tools could have among US Latinx 18-49 — new jobs and careers as well as personal and business growth. In just over a month our team sourced community college students in Chicago, vetted their stories for relevance and authenticity and crafted storylines told through video and photography settings. Creating flexible assets that could deliver a powerful message through TV, Radio, Print and OOH, paid social posts and contextual banners. 


The campaign had a positive impact on program awareness, familiarity and opinion. According to the Media Predict brand tracker through Univision, 62% of respondents in the exposed group would “speak highly” of Grow With Google, and 30% would do so without being asked. This represents a 18 p.p. increase vs. the control group. The campaign also had a significant impact on Google’s positioning and action likelihood, driving higher campaign statements across all measures. Finally, 73% of those exposed to the campaign identified Google as a company that provides products and training to help people find jobs, grow skills, or businesses.


of respondents would speak highly of Google after exposure, an 18 p.p. increase from the control group


of those exposed to the campaign identified key features of the Grow with Google program

Grow with Google
Grow with Google