Texas Lottery – It All Starts With a Scratch

It All Starts With a Scratch


The Texas Lottery needed a core creative concept flexible enough to work for any given scratch game. Staying true to the Texas Lottery’s brand values and advertising guidelines, we focused on celebrating the joy and excitement that comes from playing the Texas Lottery, no matter the size of the prize.


Luck can bring joy and unbridled celebrations, and in the case of the Texas lottery, it all starts with a simple scratch. We celebrated moments when luck happens, and invited all Texans to find some luck of their own.


Since our partnership with the Texas Lottery starting in 2012, they have experienced record year-over-year sales increases and contributed more than $1 billion each year to Texas Education and Texas Veterans services. In their last fiscal year ending August 31, 2020, the Texas Lottery set a new all-time sales record, surpassing the $6 Billion mark for the second time in its history. If it was a publicly traded company, $6.704 billion in annual sales would place the Texas Lottery at No. 450 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list, with Booz Allen Hamilton Holding and ahead of other well-known brands including S&P Global, Wynn Resorts, Ralph Lauren and Clorox.


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